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Make your business more profitable today through systematized cost savings and management consulting

Besides a full suite of management and marketing programs, our team can help you with cost segregation studies, property tax recovery, energy tax incentive audits, hiring incentives, manufacturing tax credit studies, financial services and more. Just the cost savings and tax recovery alone have yielded over $500M for clients to date.

GreenRoom Consulting can save and/or reclaim company dollars through two major avenues: access to large federal tax incentives hidden from most companies, and reduce corporate expenses through systematization and monitoring.

Our portfolio of satisfied clients come from all industries: Manufacturers, Employers, Automotive, Hotels, Medical, Restaurants, Funeral Homes, Commercial Property Owners, and many others. GreenRoom provides your company with the highest industry recognized level of service and a single solution to capture the greatest amount of profit.

GreenRoom Consulting will create programs for your business that are GUARANTEED to make or save you money.

We realized a considerable savings that would’ve otherwise gone to the IRS. We now understand why you are the leader in Cost Allocation Studies


Owner, Holiday Inn Location

Our accountant told us about this opportunity after we did our remodel but indicated that the cost could possibly outweigh the benefits. After having our plan done and utilizing it in our tax preparation our accountant tells us that it was a very good investment that will recoup itself many times over in the years to come.

Linda Barkey

Owner, Medical Facility

Saving more than $500 Million for our clients since 2004, take a look at some of the average dollar amounts we save for individual companies in the following industries:

Auto Dealerships


Medical Dental


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